7/17/2020 We'll be back to work on 7/20/20

6/25/20  Arizona is now a "hot spot" and businesses are beginning to close again.  We are working very hard with our limited staff to get your orders out on time, but we are also experiencing delays.

5/7/2020  Arizona is beginning to open up week by week, we'll soon be caught up with our back log of orders!  Thank you so much for supporting our small business AND for your patience.

4/1/2020  Some of our vendors for parts we do not make (screws, wire, sockets, bags, boxes etc.) are beginning to close for quarantine.  We are experiencing delays beyond our control and may not be able to honor our quoted lead times.  We are still working in the shop as a small team to get your orders out as fast as we can! 

3/31/2020  **Our local electroplating companies are closed for the time being. All new orders placed after today with polished nickel and satin nickel parts will be on a temporary 8 week delay.

3/23/2020  At Lucent Lightshop, we care about the health and safety of our employees and customers alike. We have been following and making adjustments as necessary regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are operating with a small team are working hard to get our orders out on time. We apologize for our slow email responses, all people are dedicated to production and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We also may run into delays that are outside of our control (with our suppliers and other trade services) that may affect our ability to ship on time.  We are adhering to federal and local regulations to do our part in preventing the virus from spreading.  

As we continue to monitor the situation we may need to adjust our operations to adhere to any new government regulations or safety concerns that may arise. We will continue to communicate changes as they are made and if we expect the impact to delay orders from being processed or shipped.