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The Marrs Mercantile

It was truly delightful to see the dedication that Dave and Jenny Marrs (of Fixer to Fabulous on HGTV) poured into reviving their 100+ year old building, which once served as the Centerton Bank in Arkansas. On air, they mentioned that they bought it for $130,000!  And, we were honored to make a few fixtures to contribute to this project.

"We want our guests to feel as though they stepped back to simpler times when they enter inside."

Witnessing the transformation of a neglected structure into an updated and inviting environment requires an extraordinary amount of effort and commitment. We got to thinking about what this actually means to their community.




Images courtesy of Jenny Marrs, Marrs Mercantile



The rehabilitation of old buildings can bring about a multitude of positive effects to it's surroundings. Not only does it preserve the historical significance of these structures, but it also contributes to the community's social, economic, and environmental sustainability. 


Here are a few additional benefits to renovating historical buildings:

1.  Preservation of cultural heritage: Old buildings often have historical and cultural significance, and rehabilitating them can help preserve the community's cultural heritage. By restoring these buildings, we can keep the stories and traditions alive for future generations to learn from and appreciate.

2.  Economic revitalization: Renovating old buildings can help stimulate economic activity in the community. Reusing existing structures can save on construction costs, and repurposed buildings can attract new businesses and investment. This can create new jobs, increase property values, and help revitalize the local economy.

3.  Sustainable development: Repurposing old buildings can be a more sustainable alternative to building new structures. Reusing existing materials and structures can reduce waste and conserve resources. Additionally, renovating older buildings can often make them more energy-efficient, reducing their carbon footprint.

4.  Community engagement: Rehabilitating old buildings can bring people together and foster a sense of community. Community members can work together on restoration projects, and the renovated buildings can provide spaces for community events and gatherings.

5.  Improved quality of life: Repurposed buildings can provide new amenities and services that benefit the community. For example, an old factory might be converted into a community center or a mixed-use development with apartments and shops. This can provide new resources and improve the quality of life for community members.


    Dave and Jenny Marrs rehabilitated a gem for the people of Centerton to continue to enjoy for generations to come, and we hope it inspires others! Their new store features locally made products and one of a kind pieces that will change with each visit.  


    Marrs Mercantile

    289 N. Main Street, Centerton, AR 72719


    If you'd like to watch the stunning episode, it's Fixer to Fabulous season 4 episode 16 on the HGTV network. Visit our site for custom quality lighting that's made right here in the USA!