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10 Reasons to Purchase Products Made in America

When shopping for products to furnish and decorate your interior, there is so much marketing noise that it’s difficult to tell what’s hype and what’s a legitimate selling point. One of the common slogans that is used to influence purchasing decisions is “American-Made” - but does this really matter? 

In this case, it really does. The average products made on American soil meet higher standards on many points that are important to consumers, especially when it comes to items in the interior design market. Let’s dive into our top 10 reasons why you should buy products made in America.

1. Tax Proceeds Benefit Your Community

Through sales taxes and other business taxes issued by the state, American brands end up supplying a great deal of money to their local communities. Buying from these suppliers ensures that your money goes toward funding local programs and amenities, such as schools, fire stations, water and sewage services, parks, community centers, and assistance for families in need. 

When you buy overseas your money goes overseas. So while your purchase may have some positive impacts in other nations, it won’t do anything to strengthen the economy that you and your family rely on day to day.

2. Purchases Support Local Labor

Where there’s a demand for American-made products, there’s a demand for American-based jobs. Giving your business to American brands provides jobs for your neighbors and community. And this impact goes far beyond the jobs directly created in the company itself.

The ripple effect of local business is that it also benefits many other companies that work in partnership with the brand you buy from. From material suppliers and delivery agencies, to equipment manufacturers and maintenance services, there are a myriad of other entities that work to support American product makers. This means that every purchase supports a broad network of local companies, keeping your city, state, and national economy stable. 

3. No Funding of Labor Exploitation 

Many foreign nations that serve as manufacturing hubs have very poor labor protections. Unscrupulous companies will move their product manufacturing to these countries because it’s cheap, but that often comes at the cost of violating basic ethics and human rights. 

Choosing to style your home or business with only domestic products ensures that your money only funds companies that uphold fair labor and work standards. The USA has strong regulations of labor rights and working conditions, so you can have peace of mind that those who create your items are treated humanely by their employers. 

4. Undeniable Quality is Delivered

The point about labor rights leads us to the issue of quality. American brands are held to standards that minimize their ability to cut corners and skimp on product quality. Consumers have the power to easily reach manufacturers and hold them accountable for products that don’t meet expectations. 

Furthermore, the Federal Trade Comission (FTC) enforces laws that protect you against false advertising. Even marketing with the terms “Made in the USA”, “USA Made”, and similar requires brands to fulfill that claim by keeping “all or virtually all” components of their production in America. 

5. Product Safety is Tightly Regulated

Buying American furniture, lighting, decorations and other products gives you better protections in terms of product safety, too. The Consumer Product Safety Comission (CPSC) works to keep hazardous substances out of American products, and requires clear labeling to make sure you’re aware of fire hazards and other dangers that can be presented by certain products. 

This is very important for products in the design market, since paints, finishes, treatments, and particular metals or composite materials can be dangerous in terms of flammability or toxicity. Sticking to items that are of US-origin will vastly lower the risk that your interior is outfitted with unsafe products. 

6. Factory Pollution is Also Regulated

The American effort to limit toxicity in manufacturing isn’t limited to the products themselves. It also extends to the factory processes and any pollution that can occur as a result. American regulations put serious restrictions on the types and amounts of emissions produced by factories, and also enforce laws on how waste and toxic byproducts are disposed of. 

This sort of regulation is often lacking in the big manufacturing nations overseas, meaning that purchasing from brands that create their items there can directly contribute to practices that damage the environment and the health of living beings. 

7. No Dependency on Other Nations

When the pandemic hit, Americans learned this lesson the hard way. So many products were suddenly unavailable for long periods of time because they were manufactured in foreign nations like China. This caused a great deal of disruption in construction and design projects, as well as plenty of other scenarios.

Buying American-made protects you from supply chain instabilities like this. It also protects our country as a whole from too much dependency on other nations. In an effort to maintain favorable trade deals to keep foreign supply open, the USA sometimes has to incur debt. Keeping your shopping within American borders alleviates the strain on government funds, and thus, the strain on American taxpayers like you. 

8. Avoid Inflated Prices

Importing foreign products adds expenses to the supply chain in the form of shipping, import taxes, and tariffs. These costs are passed on to you in the form of price raises. This means that you will always be paying a higher price for foreign products, compared to what they cost in their country of origin. 

This may not be a big deal if you are buying items from countries where the local currency is weak, but this brings you back to the issue of quality. Choosing products that can maintain a lower price point despite those import costs can come with a serious compromise in how well they perform and endure. 

9. Make Returns and Replacements Easy

All of that complexity that comes with importing a product remains when you have to return it or request a replacement. Many foreign companies will require that you pay the return shipping fees, which get more and more expensive the further away the source. 

In addition, you’re looking at longer shipping times if you need the company to send a replacement. Between the time you made your first order to the time you finally receive your replacement, weeks or months may have passed. When it comes to key pieces like furniture and lighting, you don’t want to deal with the discomfort of waiting this long. Purchasing from an American brand will ensure that you can return and replace your items much more quickly, minimizing your inconvenience. 

10. Enjoy Pride of Ownership 

There’s a certain sense of pride that one gets when they only source products made here at home. It's not just about owning the product, it’s about owning a bit of American accomplishment and ingenuity, the hard-working and forward-thinking spirit that has made our nation a leader in market trends and innovations. 

Whether it’s a beautiful table or a stunning light fixture, your interior’s new addition can feel all the more special by being a creation of American hands. 

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