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Interior Highlight: Rachel Schultz Embraces Custom Lighting

Lucent Lightshop had the opportunity to work with Rachel Schultz on a custom lighting package for her colonial home renovation.  Prepared with designs in mind, she needed custom sizing and finishes to make them more her own. Read about this phase in her home renovation journey here:


We have been in our first house for a year and a half and I can still sometimes feel we are in the just-moved-in-phase! Our fixer upper colonial home had so much to be done to bring the “bones” (walls and floors, mostly) up to speed we are only barely starting to approach the wonderful actual decorating part.

Like most people on a budget, I have found I have to prioritize and think critically about what pieces will make the most difference in a room if I only have the money or time to change one or two things. My two “musts” that by themselves can make a room awesome all on their own are a good rug and an amazing light fixture. In my opinion, rooms make it or break it on those. If you have got something unique and interesting going on with your lighting, the whole room can suddenly appear thoughtful and well designed.



The style direction we are taking our home is traditional meets art deco. I can get so sidetracked when I see other styles executed really well, but I have to remind myself to always come back to my vision and that it is okay to appreciate other styles while being disciplined enough to not try and fit them all in my house!

One of my favorite places to draw inspiration is movies. Watching movies is one of our hobbies (like most parents of little ones!) and it still sometimes shocks me how great of interiors I can find in the most unusual places. Everyone (including me) thinks of finding inspiration from Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby or basically every Wes Anderson movie, but one of my most recent surprise inspirations was when we were watching Doubt! I know that is odd, but it takes place in a 1960s school and the timeless details had me wishing I could screen shot my television so many times.



For our entryway, second floor landing, master bedroom, and daughter’s room we went with some showstopping art deco pieces. To strike that masculine and feminine balance, we did slightly more industrial, but still very artistic and sculptural fixtures in our living room and son’s bedroom. I am a big proponent of making sure the males in our family feel at home in our house too (although I personally would not mind all floral everything.)



So alas, I press on to goal of a finished home renovation. (Although, I don’t ever want to be completely done.) Some killer light fixtures and a couple installs of dimmer switches to help create mood (so much cheaper and easier to install than you might think) have made the in-between time much smoother.