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Interior Highlight: Cynthia Meza's Before and After Dining Nook

When we first bought our house five years ago, we filled this 7x9 space with book shelves, then a console table, then nothing because we just didn't understand the space since there's a dining nook in the kitchen which is an arms length away from this space. I can see it, you're confused as well. I am sure that the builder were drunk when they designed our house.  I always had a vision for this space but I just wasn't sure.

Cynthia Meza Before Shot


For years this space felt unfinished and not where we wanted it to be, so we were both incredibly excited when we found Lucent Light Shop because we knew that their Sputnik Chandelier in brass would be the focal point of this space.


No. 3 Sputnik Chandelier

 Cynthia Meza Dining Nook


Its crazy to us how one piece can revamp our entire tiny dining space. Once we installed the fixture we knew that we wanted to go with a clean, simple, and functional space that would allow our gorgeous chandelier space to shine. We switch out the dark table for this Ikea tulip table because it was exactly what we needed at a price we could afford. This table brightened up the space so much. We knew that we wanted this space to remain bright, airy and comfortable. With such a tiny space to fill, we didn't want it to be overcrowded, we had already made that mistake, but rather just the perfect balance of function and decor for a young family. After all, we wanted to make sure this space would easily flow with the rest of our home -- from the living room, the playroom, and the open shelve kitchen -- we wanted the style to feel open and bright. Eventually, we would like to replace the metal chairs for wood ones but for now these work just fine.


Cynthia Meza Dining Redo

To pull the whole space together, we added a five foot shelve that we got cut at Home Depot for less than ten dollars. Initially, we thought we would stain it but once we set it on the wall we liked the bare look of it so it remains. We styled it with pieces that made us happy and that brought us good memories like that awesome photo of Johnny and our beautiful son that we got professionally framed. The beautiful desert painting is by  a local California artist Dani (@brushlove_dani) -- this piece is the perfect addition of color and whimsy, we are kind of obsessed with it. We thought the mediums and tones matched our updated space perfectly, and really helped to make the space beautiful, functional, and toddler safe.