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We love a great gallery wall!  Treasure in the Detail  showed us that it doesn't have to be complicated.  Lead designer Shelbie Ploutz used monochromatic prints in equally sized frames to create this visually stunning gallery wall for their #fillourcupproject. We love that they went outside the norm and used sconces that have form for their picture lights. We were lucky enough to chat with these talented designers about their project, let's get started!


Treasure in the Detail Treasure in the Detail left to right: Lauren Feenstra, Kirsten Holmstedt, Shelbie Ploutz


Q.  When was Treasure in the Detail founded and where are you located?

A.  Treasure in the Detail was founded in 2013! We are located in Gilbert, Arizona


Q.  What services do you offer?

A.  We specialize in full-service furnishings, remodels, and new build designs. We also have an online (and soon to be brick & mortar!) shop called Homes to Treasure which offers curated home décor products and collections where our customers can experience the epitome of the Treasure in the Detail design aesthetic in their own homes.


Q.  How would you describe your design style?

A.  Our signature style is clean, modern, and cohesive. Timeless materials presented in a modern way with layers of warmth that make a home feel polished yet inviting and restful. 


Q.  What was the inspiration behind #fillourcupproject and what is the story behind the project name?

A.  We name every project based on something that appeared to be a consistent theme throughout the project or something that resonated to us about the project or our clients. We called it #fillourcupproject because our clients were the kindest most grateful souls and trusted us throughout the entire process.  Every time we interacted with them, they literally “filled our cup.”  We appreciated their kindness and trust especially during this past year of environmental impacts, supply chain delays, and a slew of other things.


"The directional light is a perfect way to highlight the art in the gallery wall we designed while providing a fun design element that ties everything together."

Carson sconce
The Carson Sconce



Q.  In your opinion, what is the makeup of a great gallery wall?

A.  We love uniformity and balance in a gallery wall. While a mix of different frames (especially ones that are more antique-y and unique can look absolutely beautiful for the right design), we do typically design our gallery walls in a uniform layout.  A personalized touch in our gallery walls is absolutely key for the family we are designing for.  Whether that be incorporating precious family photos into the gallery or abstract art selections, it is always wonderful seeing our clients light up when they see their gallery during reveal. And we almost always print our photography in black in white.  We just love the crispness of the tones that provides an overall classic feel.  Two other things we do to make the gallery wall standout is designing sconce lighting into the design as well as unique matting techniques when we can to really drive a curated design.


Q.  How do you go about deciding you need light there, and how do you decide which light to use?

A.  Lighting is like the jewelry to an outfit. It really enhances and provides the necessary finishing details to any design.  Whether it be for task lighting, accent lighting, or ambience – each is critically important for the flow and function of the home.  For example, we almost always incorporate a downward directional sconce over our gallery walls to highlight the photo or art selections with overall size dependent on scale of the gallery wall.


Q.  If you could describe the #fillourcupproject in one word, what would it be?

A.  Heartfelt


Treasure in the Detail gallery wall 1

Photo Credit:  Life Created   Lead Designer:  Shelbie Plautz for Treasure in the Detail  


Q.  Can you tell us about the process of selecting the art, and framing? How did you even start?

A.  Given this area was a key focal wall when you entered the home, we wanted to make a nice statement that complimented the beautiful sideboard chosen for the space. Depending on a client’s budget, we will identify ready-made frame options and print/insert the art ourselves.  If there is a greater budget allowance, we will create a custom framed gallery which also allows us to tailor the matting features.  We typically talk with our client about whether they want to incorporate family photos into their gallery, photography they have taken, or more abstract art features.  We then create an elevation layout to determine the best arrangement and selection of photos that will make the most impact for the space.


Q.  What about the Carson Sconce drew you in for a gallery wall as oppose to a typical picture light?

A.  We have used the Carson Sconce in a few different designs and really love the boldness in size and various finish options.  The directional light is a perfect way to highlight the art in the gallery wall we designed while providing a fun design element that ties everything together. 


For locally handmade sconces (or any other lighting) in your choice of finish, we're here for you!  We bench make all of our lighting right here in Phoenix with high quality raw materials. If you're a tradesperson that sees clients, apply for our Trade Program and ask us for finish samples.  They're perfect for client presentations.  For samples or any other questions lighting related Contact us today and we’ll get in touch.


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