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Interior Highlight: "Down to Earth" by CICADA Co.

Interior design and build customers have a place in the heart of our business.  We're often awestruck by the results from the creativity, skills, and grit it takes to produce a finished custom home. There are endless choices available on the market, and we're lucky enough to see the process by which talented people execute their projects. This month's interior highlight features a recently completed kitchen space by CICADA Co.  From concept, to building, and final staging, CICADA Co. does it all.   

Partner & Creative Director of CICADA Co. Tara Davis has this to say about their company and recent "Down to Earth" kitchen project:


Q :  When was Cicada Co. founded and what inspired your name?

A:  My husband and I founded CICADA Co. in 2017. We’ve always known we wanted to work together and the timing was just right. I’ve moved a few times in my life and growing up, I always loved the sounds that cicadas made in the summer. After deciding it was time to start our business, we were on our patio toying with different ideas for our company name. That evening the cicadas were singing which resonated an emotional feeling of home for me. In that moment, the connection between Cicadas and home was made and it just felt like the perfect name for our family business.


Cicada Co. "Down to Earth" KitchenDesign, Construction and Styled by CICADA Co.         All Photos by Nate Sheets


Q:  What services do you offer?

A:  Our goal at Cicada Co. is to be a one stop shop for home owners. Residential design and construction is a very personal experience so we have developed a team and system of collaboration to offer our home owners architectural design, interior design, construction management and furnishing under one roof. Our design process includes the construction team from the beginning which allows us to think creatively while also knowing our ideas can be achieved. It has become a very unique collaborative process that sets us apart from the rest.


Q:   What 3 words would you use to describe your design style?

A:  This is a super tough question to answer because all of our projects vary drastically in aesthetic. My goal when working with clients and their personal style is to elevate the overall design, quality, and expectations they set for themselves. I like to focus on the details and execution to set their project apart from the rest. When it comes to my personal style & taste, I am all over the board!

1. Eclectic

2. Intentional

3. Bold


Q:   If you could give someone one piece of advice before starting a new build, what would it be?

A:  Spend more of your budget on the quality of design and finishes and be more efficient with your square footage and room size. 


Cicada Co. "Down to Earth" Kitchen


Q:  Where did you draw inspiration from for the kitchen in your “Down to Earth” project?

A:  The original woodwork and antique hardware throughout inspired me most. My clients had a more modern taste so my goal was the blend the two as much as possible. Our main focus was neutral tones and texture.


Cicada Co. "Down to Earth" Kitchen


Q:  What material/element would you say completed the “feel” that you envisioned for this space?

A:  Believe it or not, the most important element to complete the “feel” was the seamless integration of the refrigerator. Without the tight reveal and panel ready appliance, the kitchen would not be the same. Even after moving walls, we had limited space to design within and the full wall of white oak cabinetry allows your eye to move seamlessly throughout the space without distraction.


Cicada Co. Seemless Fridge


Q:  What inspired you to spec our Maxwell pendant for the island? 

A:  My favorite aspect of the Maxwell pendant is the curve of the horizontal beam. The fixture itself felt substantial enough to make a statement in the kitchen but delicate enough to allow other elements to come through.  


Q:  What is your favorite design element in the kitchen?

A:  I’m so happy with the refined material pallet we chose. Though many of the selections are similar in tone, the space makes a bold statement but in a neutral way.


Cicada Co. "Down to Earth" Kitchen


Q:  What type of wood did you use?

A:  The kitchen cabinets were built in place by our trim carpenter using white oak wood with an invisible finish.


Q:  How did you decide what wood tone to use in the kitchen? Did you know you were going to stick with the same species throughout?

A:  When renovating this home, we were excited to see the original flooring was white oak instead of red oak. When they’re red oak, we have to work some magic to hide the natural red tint but being actual white oak, we knew we needed to work with that in the kitchen design. We love the mix of wood tones in this project and the kitchen being all white oak increased the contrast in a really good way.



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